My Muslim Community, I have urgent news. There are two little girls two years old and 8 months old who need to be adopted otherwise the government will take them and it is our responsibility to make sure these girls do not go into non-muslim’s hands. If anyone is willing to adopt them or knows someone who will take them PLEASE let me know right away, as we only have till march. Please spread the word, to anyone and everyone who may be interested, this is our responsibility as muslims to make sure these girls go to a good muslim household inshallah.
These girls are related to Saima Azhar, the elder child went in for a broken arm to the doctor and the parents got accused of child abuse, unfortunetly they lost the case and now they cant have there children back!!!! Can you imagine how tough that is for a mom! anyways so they are in Sacramento at the moment, for anymore info you can contact Saima Azhar at her mom’s place at 909-923-9428.